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April 20, 2005

Press Release

Former Presidential Appointee Opens Capitol Hill Firm

April 20, 2005 — Christopher Boesen, former Presidential Appointee and policy specialist for the Bush Administration, founded Tiber Creek Consulting, Inc. The Capitol Hill lobbying firm has space in a boutique style office on Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast, D.C.

The professionals at Tiber Creek Consulting, Inc. have broad experience in political advocacy, Capitol Hill engagement, a clear understanding of Native American issues, housing policy and hospital finance opportunities. Along with seasoned lobbyist Kristy McCarthy Weight, Boesen is determined to make a difference in the private sector.

"We offer clients an unmatched understanding of the Federal Government's process regarding specific interests; such as housing issues and hospital finance for rural communities," Boesen explains. "We're focused on our business, giving our clients a clearer understanding of their challenges and how to get results."

During the 104th congress, Boesen worked with Housing and Community Opportunity Subcommittee Chairman Rick Lazio, crafting housing legislation, also known as NAHASDA, the Native American Housing and Self Determination Act of 1996. Among Boesen's legislative accomplishments, was successfully lobbying for the first and only preemption of the Davis Bacon prevailing wage statute, thereby strengthening tribal sovereignty and reducing the cost of low income housing on Indian Reservations.

Boesen selected the firm's name in tribute to Washington, DC. "Tiber Creek ran along the northern edge of what is currently Capitol Hill and it currently runs under Constitution Avenue." The waterway empties into the Potomac River.

Tiber Creek Consulting, Inc. represents a broad range of clients including The Department of Hawaiian Homelands, The Navajo Housing Authority, and the Greystone Financial Group. The firm also provides consultation and maintains speaking agreements with various organizations and communities throughout the United States. The professionals of Tiber Creek Consulting, Inc. specialize in congressional lobbying, press relations and government affairs while effectively navigating the inner workings of Washington.

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