Chris Boesen and Tiber Creek Associates of Capitol Hill were instrumental in saving a redevelopment project in Amarillo Texas that could have resulted in a catastrophe for 100 of Amarillo’s poorest families.

Our 35 year old Section 8 property had been granted tax credits by the State of Texas that would lead these families to significantly better and improved housing with increased opportunities from community based initiatives. 

Cooperation from the local HUD office in Fort Worth to get the necessary HAP contract transfers and approvals for this project to go forward was non existent.   The local HUD bureaucracy, which had no sense of urgency nor showed any willingness to help, was endangering this worth while project. 

Once we engaged Tiber Creek Associates, Chris Boesen immediately took charge of the situation and coached us through processes concerning what we needed to do locally, while he sought assistance from higher levels at HUD and our elected representatives in DC.  I was impressed with Chris’ ability to work several levels of solutions simultaneously while coordinating divergent strategies and utilizing different levels of support available to us at the right times.

Chris’ communication skills, tactical and strategic political expertise, along with his Capitol Hill relationships, eventually won the day for this project and we were successful in getting the necessary approvals and clearance from the local HUD office so the project could move on.

I recommend, without hesitation, Chris Boesen and Tiber Creek Associates for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation and needing the help and expertise that resolves these types of issues.

David DaPrato
Special Limited Partner
Amarillo Gardens
Amarillo Texas